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大成榮登2020 ALB 律所先驅者榜單

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2020 ALB 律所先驅者

2020 ALB Trailblazers – China


Ranking by ALB 《亞洲法律雜志》



Beijing Dentons Law Offices


Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm


CM Law Firm


Jiali Law Firm




King & Wood Mallesons


V&T Law Firm


Winteam500 Law Firm


Yuanda China Law Firm


Zhenghan Law Firm


By Asian Legal Business 《亞洲法律雜志》











大成律師事務所創建的“下一代法律全球轉介網”(Nextlaw Referral Network)目前是全球規模最大的律師協作網絡,擁有來自200個國家的超過700家律師事務所。和傳統律師協作網絡不同,該平臺不收取會員費,對于律所不進行規模限定,同時也沒有“一地一所”的限制。通過專有技術,會員律所可以搜索、聯絡客戶需求地的合適律所,并對他們的服務進行評分,以保障客戶能夠在陌生法域同樣得到高質量服務。會員還可以利用這一平臺追蹤自己的所有推薦及被推薦記錄,形成個性化推薦選擇。這一平臺同時入駐了多家法律科技供應商,以折扣價格向會員律所提供相關服務。

新冠疫情期間,大成上線了“COVID-19 Hub”,該信息中心針對員工、客戶及合作伙伴,協調全球48個國家的區域辦公室,實時整合各國政府公告、防疫資訊、以及涉及勞動法、數據隱私保護、不可抗力、稅務、競爭反壟斷等領域專業資訊。疫情期間,大成還在直播App“大成律師”(Dentons Lawyer)中上線了“大成學習假期”(Dentons Learning Holiday),免費向律師和客戶提供培訓課程,自2020年2月來共上線了超過100門課程、觀看量超過170余萬次。

While law firms may have once courted a traditional, somewhat conventional image —today, innovation and adaptation are key. From employing new types of groundbreaking technology to establishing new ways of working and new approaches, there are many different ways to be a trailblazer. For ALB's new Trailblazers 2020 rankings, 10 Chinese firms stand out for their originality, leadership and impact.

A year of upheaval has demonstrated that law firms need to be nimble and adaptive if they are to come out of this crisis and thrive in the long run. Here are some firms that are using innovative approaches to tackle existing challenges and also make themselves future proof.

It is likely that years from now, when we look back on 2020, we'll remember it as the time of the Big Shift in Asia's legal industry. At the start of this year, the traditional law firm model was already under a considerable amount of strain, with shifting client expectations, rapid advancements in technology, and a plethora of high-quality competition. And then turned up COVID-19 to deliver what appears to be a decisive blow.

As law firms scrambled to contain the fallout to their businesses, one thing started to become obvious —that innovation and boldness were the critical keys to both surviving the current shock, but also set the stage for sustainable growth in the future.

Keeping this in mind, we sought submissions for the ALB Trailblazers listing of innovative law firms. Given that this was  the first edition, we were surprised at the diverse responses from across the legal industry — marquee names in their respective markets showcased their innovation credentials, while smaller law firms highlighted just what could happen if firms had a mix of ambition and a positive mindset.

The rankings were well received by the legal industry players in China. Although innovation is defined in different ways, overall we can look at it from a few aspects, namely management, distribution, business model, legal network, technology innovation and flexibility. We share how the winners enable innovation using these aspects.

Before we introduce the trailblazers, we would like to share two noteworthy observations. Firstly, law firms sometimes propose very different solutions to the same pain points. Secondly, the winners' list presents a more diverse representation that includes not only marquee names and smaller law firms, but also local firms and boutique law firms.

With the Trailblazers listing, we hope to initiate a discussion on the innovation of law firms. A small step taken today could be an important indicator of survival in the future.

Beijing Dentons Law Offices

Keywords: legal network, flexibility, technological innovation

Created by Dentons, the Nextlaw Referral Network is the world's largest legal network, connecting more than 700 law firms from 200 countries. Unlike conventional legal networks, it is free and open to all law firms regardless of size, and is not geographically exclusive in membership. The network utilizes a proprietary technology platform to help member firms research, contact, and rate the performance of network members to guarantee that clients receive the highest quality legal advice and business solutions. Members can also easily record and track the types of referrals they are receiving and sending, and where the referrals are going to or coming from to better shape their offers and assistance effectively. It also serves as a distribution channel of curated legal technology for its members, at discounted prices.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dentons launched the COVID-19 Hub. The law firm united regional offices in 48 countries to integrate global consultations and summarised them in the hub, which allows its employees, clients and partners to find the latest government announcements and pandemic updates, as well as information about labour law, data privacy protection, force majeure, taxation, competition and antitrust law. During the pandemic, the law firm launched the Dentons Learning Holiday program on its live-streaming mobile app known as Dentons Lawyer to provide free training courses to its lawyers and clients. Since February, Dentons has live-streamed more than 100 courses, which have drawn over 1.7 million views.

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